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Forecasts for the Next European Parliament

We anticipate a right-wing majority, with the EPP as the leading group, followed by ECR and ID. Renew Europe and S&D may retain a significant portion of the seats, while the Greens might experience a decrease.

Analysis of Political Power in the European Parliament

We utilize the Shapley-Shubik algorithm to assess the power dynamics of different political groups within the European Parliament, showcasing a strong dominance of the ruling coalition.

Influence of Regions on Political Preferences.

We have developed an algorithm to assess regional representation, connecting political groups to specific areas, to reveal pan-European social group trends.

Politics as a Guide for the future of the EU

We explore the role of politics in determining the EU’s future, with a growing politicization of European elections and ongoing debates on crucial topics like European integration and political stability.

Proprietary Election Analysis Methodology

European elections stand out as a unique phenomenon in the realm of popular consultations. Unlike the U.S. Congress, they employ a proportional electoral system, with constituencies sending multiple representatives to Strasbourg. This complexity makes precise predictions challenging through traditional opinion polls.

To tackle this challenge, Piave has developed an innovative methodology based on the most recent national election results of each EU member state. This approach considers long-term political changes rather than the daily fluctuations in voter preferences.

Moreover, the variation in the quality of national polls necessitates adjustments for accurate forecasting. Piave thus proposes treating national elections as a dress rehearsal for European elections, ensuring a more reliable perspective on the future of the multinational Parliament.

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Insightful Political Projections

Piave’s report offers groundbreaking projections for the composition of the next European Parliament, providing a detailed analysis of the political shifts and potential outcomes based on historical trends and current dynamics.

Understanding EU Politicization

The report delves into the transformation of the European Commission from a technically oriented body to a more politically engaged entity. It highlights key moments, such as the geopolitical focus declared by Ursula Von der Leyen, shedding light on the evolving nature of EU politics.

Identification of Social Divides

We identify and explore growing social divides within European countries, particularly the urban-rural gap. It connects these divides to political preferences, offering insights into how social dynamics influence political landscapes in the EU.

In-Depth Analysis of Party Dynamics

The report provides a comprehensive examination of the dynamics within major political groups like EPP, S&D, Renew Europe, and The Greens. It explores how these parties represent and appeal to specific regions, shedding light on their strengths, weaknesses, and potential impacts on European elections.

Strategic Insight for Political Actors

Piave’s report provides strategic foresight for political actors by anticipating shifts in the European political landscape, enabling them to adapt their approaches and policies accordingly.

EU Funding Analysis

The report integrates an analysis of the impact of EU funds on member states, examining the divide between net contributors and recipients and foreseeing potential shifts in political dynamics.

Will the European Union see its first Inherently Political Elections?

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